Thursday, 10 February 2011

The New Kind Of Cops ...

Hawaii Five-O
(2010 TV Series)

Updated and upgraded Hawaii Five-O hits the TV screen with all the action force of a mighty new wave hitting the beach. What a refreshing contemporary take on a genuine classic show, and all in glorious high definition. Grab your surf boards and enjoy the ride ahead !.

Commander Steve McGarrett is hunting down terrorist Victor Hesse (James Marsters). In the mix is the factor that McGarrett has Hesse’s brother in custody, Hesse however has McGarrett’s father held hostage. There is no trade off as both men held are killed. The difference in the two is that McGarrett shoots the brother in self defence, whereas Hesse retaliates in cold blooded murder !.

Returning home to Oahu in Hawaii Steve McGarrett buries his father, and focuses on tracking down Hesse. With news of Hesse running a human trafficking operation in Hawaii, ex navy seal McGarrett is approached by the governor of the island to head up a new task force to fight crime. Offering him the freedom to select his own team, and run the force without any interference from upon high. To do the job his way !.

It’s pretty much an adrenaline rush from the get go with a very cool cast to enhance the electricity between the main characters. Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) first teaming up with Danny Williams (Scott Caan) is superb testosterone overload, with the high spirited individuals not holding back on cutting home truths, and exchanging both verbal and physical blows at each other. The future development of these two characters playing off each other, earning mutual respect and watching each others backs is buddy cop brilliance in the making.

Daniel Dae Kim, most recognisable from his long stint in the massive hit series Lost, plays Chin Ho Kelly. A man trusted by Steve McGarrett’s police detective father, and so a natural inclusion into his new squad. Rounding off the team in all the right places is the stunning Grace Park as the rookie cop Kono KalaKaua, with a fast track potential that qualifies her for McGarrett’s elite task force. This beauty with brains is a surfing babe with a lean and lithe figure, not to mention kick ass moves out of the water.

With the team in place Steve McGarrett sets about tackling the immediate issue of human trafficking, and a second opportunity to take down Victor Hesse. Its infectious rejuvenation of the tried and tested TV cop show formula is so refreshing, with snappy dialogue, quirky dry humour, and smart character interaction at its driving heart.

A highly entertaining opening show stopper, and a superb sign of things to come from this top quality produced show. Respectful of the original pioneering heritage its appeal to both old school fans, and modern day action loving audiences, on the back of this, should prove highly beneficial to the longevity of, ‘the new kind of cops’. What a rush and tingle down the back of the neck sensation when that classic theme music kicks in, and Steve McGarrett first utters the immortal phrase ‘book him Danno’. Brilliant. Expect great things from this new version of Hawaii Five-O. Be sure to... catch the wave.

Hawaii Five-O Trailer

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