Tuesday, 15 February 2011

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Spirits of the troubled dead, and malignant manifestations, linger within the construct of a former mental hospital. Renovated into a modern apartment block, poignantly named Bedlam Heights. Ghostly apparitions reside rent free, but there is a price to pay for the occupants, as the former institution gives up its ghosts !.

Kate shares a flat in Bedlam Heights with her two friends Ryan and Molly. Kate is an on site sales representative to sell the flats for her father, who owns the entire premises. Ryan is played by UK original Pop Idol winner Will Young. Bedlam is Will Young’s first introduction to the world of acting. His character is ambiguous in so far as his flat mate Molly has a bit of a crush on him but fellow flat mate Kate suspects that he is gay. Kate instigates her own plan of action by pushing herself upon Ryan after a drinking session, much to the annoyance and disappointment of Molly. During the evening of drink and foreplay strange and evocatively supernatural occurrences play out unnoticed by the trio.

Time to introduce another character, perhaps the strongest and certainly most interesting, Jed. Labelled with a history of mental illness Jed in fact is able to communicate with the other side. He sees ghosts and interacts with them, sometimes as an intermediary between this life and the next. Jed receives messages from beyond that his cousin Kate is in danger. The loner heads with haste to Bedlam Heights to aid his oblivious relative. A vengeful spirit is seeking to lay claim to a trinket that Kate has been given from the former institution, believing that she is linked to previous ills put upon the spirits family.

A suitably eerie opening episode to this initial six episode programme. Promising stuff with a good cast, and a lead character in Jed that is multi layered. The central focus of Bedlam Heights is applicably creepy, and the closing shot at the end of episode one lets the audience know that Jed is going to need to stick around. Bedlam has a horrifying history, and there are a multitude of wraiths and tortured souls unable to lay the past to rest !.

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