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BBC Quality Sci-Fi Alien World Drama ...

(2011 / BBC TV Series)

Intelligent and engrossing eight episode Sci-Fi series from BBC UK. A quality high definition channel show set in the not so distant future of 2040. Set upon a human life supporting alien world, where a new colony of Earth’s evacuees seek to begin a new life, as Planet Earth becomes inhabitable !.

The first colony of people escaping from Earth build a settlement, and in time create a city from their one journey space crafts, and every useful part upon them. Resourcefulness of the planets own ecology is also prevelant for this new world named Carpathia.

Order and structure is put into place and a fair minded leader is put in place as president of Carpathia, Richard Tate (Liam Cunningham). His right hand confidant, friend, and chief medical head is Stella Isen (Hermione Norris), together they bring the colony together in this brave new world. Amongst the other strong leads are chief security enforcers Fleur Morgan (Amy Manson), smart, sexy and sassy, and the likeably hot headed Cass Cromwell (Daniel Mays).

Dealing with the alien environment and all its new challenges is just half the battle on Carpathia, as dealing with each other proves to be just as demanding. Things are done in the name of science, and believed in the benefit of the ultimate survival of those settling on Carpathia. Decisions made by President Tate way heavy on his mind, particularly when with hindsight those decisions may well prove to have been hasty !. Giving the order to extinguish the lives of a manufactured group of human clones, used in testing resilience to the climate, haunts him and indeed comes back to physically haunt him !.

There are many unanswered questions and occurrences, abundant throughout this environment in which these alien settlers have claimed as their new home. As the episodes play out something insidious stirs out of sight in the background, something permeating the very fabric and fibre of Carpathia and those that inhabit it. An eerie underplay that is as interesting as the well structured characters, and more than tantalising in its threatening tone.

Fuelled by an insurrection of the cloned human life forms, hiding away in the mostly uncharted zone outside of Carpathia city, and forboding visitations by seemingly all too real apparitions !?, the residents of Carpathia constantly strive to make their lives sustainable.

The arrival of a new ship from Earth with more people seeking a new life, brings another unstable character into the fold, in the shape of Julius Berger (Eric Mabius). His position attained upon the Earth escaping craft is questionable, but his position quickly attained upon Carpathia is even more so as each episode unravels. Mabius makes the role of Julius Berger, a strong willed preacher, his own in an often chilling display of controlled psychotic manipulation.

As Carpathia, and its disowned human cloned creations outside, battle for supremacy to survive the greatest threat of all is still awaiting to befall. Julius Berger is in secret contact with an approaching armada from space, their purpose seems evident, but who are they !?.

An engaging drama, decently acted out and non reliant on any evident and unwelcome CGI effects. A simple tale of human nature, and survival at all costs in an alien environment. Most definitely worth investing viewing time in, and the conclusion is close to unravelling its intensions to those that have stuck with it since inception.

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