Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Way Out West With ...

Lucky Luke

Daisy Town is blooming … with bandits and outlaws. The townspeople hide away and the only law in town is the unscrupulous, money loving gambler known as Pat Poker (Daniel Prévost). He holds all the aces, that is until Daisy Town’s favourite son returns to shuffle up the pack. Hold onto your hats, Lucky Luke is back in town !.

Industry and commerce are flourishing in the Wild West, and the best way to bring in more trade is to open up the United States Of America to customers far and wide. The president of the United States Of America himself heads the push to build more railways throughout the land. One problematic point on the map is Daisy Town. Its reputation for lawlessness is well known, and a stumbling block for progress. The president calls upon one of America’s favourite sons to bring law and order back to Daisy Town, Lucky John Luke (Jean Dujardin).

Lucky Luke is a laid back, easy going decent guy, out to do no harm but sure to stop those that mean harm. He’s the fastest gun in the west, but he has never killed anyone. There’s never been a need to as his gun hand is so swift, his aim so sure, that no man stands a chance against him in a fight. Since his parents were both shot down dead, before his very eyes as a young boy, Luke has sworn never to take a life. With the skill and confidence he possesses, along with a very healthy slice of luck, he has never needed to. The day that he meets Pat Poker though is the day that his luck changes !.

This French film is a near perfect modern interpretation on the Lucky Luke comic book, colourful, comedic and thoroughly entertaining. Light hearted entertainment to please the masses. It’s like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon with Acme like gadgetry aplenty, all magnificently built to order rather than reliant on CGI, and all the better for it. The end showdown in the Arizona desert with a stupendous multi faceted casino, structured upon a one armed bandit, is quite brilliant. A poignant representation of the birthright of Las Vegas for sure.
Jean Dujardin makes for an amicable enough Lucky Luke, and his cowboy strut and cocksure stature is in keeping with the character. His talking horse adds to the fun, along with quirky appearances from western legends Jesse James, Calamity Jane and Billy The Kid.

Purchase the disc on Blu-ray and this movie will be a showcase shiny for viewing purposes alone. The vibrant colour and pin sharp contrast is luscious to behold.

The fun of the cowboy piece is more Meatballs than spaghetti, but its effusive qualities are impossible to ignore.

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