Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Little Slice Of Haven ...


Premiering on the Scyfy channel in 2010, and based upon the novel The Colorado Kid, by horror writing legend Stephen King, Haven has proven to be an upbeat and quirky series deserving of your viewing time.

F.B.I agent Audrey Parker is sent to the coastal town of Haven to investigate a murder. Once there she discovers a lot more than bargained for, and that she has a connection with the area.

Could it be that the mysterious goings on, locally referred to as 'The Troubles', are connected to her mother, or indeed a representation genetically linked to Audrey herself ?.

Agent Parker stays on in Haven beyond her initial designation to the town. Recruited as an officer with Haven's local police she is partnered with the police chief's son, Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant).
Deputy Nathan Wournos himself isn't immune to The Troubles. He fairly uniquely has the distinction of not being able to physically feel anything. Problematic when getting injured, but advantageous in situations where fear is a neglectful bonus as an officer of the law.

Together Parker and Wournos sort out the weekly 'Troubles' of Haven, both aided and hindered by local charming maverick Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour - currently enjoying a good deal of on screen exposure and success. He recently starred on the big screen in the sci-fi blockbuster Skyline). He resides on a boat moored in the Haven harbour. A fountain of useful information with his shady dealings and reputation as being a smuggler. Nathan bears a healthy grudge since school against Duke. His natural charm grows on Audrey as evidenced during the shows progression, as the two of them flirt in a cautiously considered evaluation that is sure to ultimately express itself in good time.

The witty banter between the characters is light hearted and intelligently scripted. Each week a new spooky or oddball situation arises, along with the ever unfolding background storyline that links Audrey Parker to the town of Haven.

The show is a modern and smart update on those classic American thrillers and fantastical shows of the Sixties, such as Thriller and The Twilight Zone.

Series one of this highly enjoyable show has just finished its run on UK Satellite TV's Syfy Channel and Syfy HD. The High Definition version is particularly pleasing to the eye. The shows initial run has been of 13 episodes and the closing programme both concluded nicely, and left things open suitably for continuing without leaving its viewers dangling precariously on an overly silly open ended premise.

The great news is that the Scyfy Channel has confirmed that Haven will be returning for a second season.

Haven is a lot of Fun and recommended viewing. Sure to have its initial first season re-run prior to series two starting, so do look out for it.

Scyfy / Haven Site

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