Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rock 'N Roll In Space ...

Planet 51

Super animated Sci-Fi Fun with a hearty spin on the Fifties styled American suburban lifestyle, turning the threat of an alien invasion on its head. An inversive visitation of the quirky kind.

When an astronaut from Earth lands on the distant Planet 51 he is the alien invader that causes panic amongst the masses. A world of green skinned inhabitants with more than a passing society structure of innocence and naivety from the bygone age Planet Earth, when the threat of nuclear war was a global possibility.

Captain Charles T. Baker is voiced by former pro wrestling entertainer The Rock, these days going by his given name of Dwayne Johnson. The animation team have done a great job in incorporating Johnson's larger than life attributes from his days as The Rock into the animated character. You can almost smell what he is cooking as Captain Charles T. Baker just brings it to this strange new world he has landed upon.
Big Fun throughout and a huge draw for both adults and kids alike. The younger generation can thrill in the brilliance of the wonderful animation and the highly enjoyable characters on show, with the grown ups likely picking up on every one of the Fifties throwback references to classic film and TV show Sci-Fi.

The simple yet engaging story is how a young alien boy named Lem helps the unintentionally invading Alien Captain Baker escape the clutches of Planet 51 authorities, and reunite him with his orbiting space ship so that he may return back home.

This really does come into its own watched on a large television home screen in the High Definition Blu-ray format, or satellite service HD programming. The vibrancy of the picture provides a clarity so good that at times you feel as though it is a 3D movie.

All of the voice actors are well aligned to their on screen animated caricature. Along with Dwayne Johnson are Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Sean William Scott, John Cleese, James Corden, Matthew Horne and a brilliant turn from Gary Oldman as the archetypal, dedicated to his country military maniacal, General Grawl.

Tons of visual, musical and dialogue driven overtures to a well referenced bygone age, that has everything from Area 51 to The War Of The Worlds (1953). The movie is ninety minutes of family involving delight.

Movie Trailer For Planet 51

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