Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Who Is Santa !? ...

Christmas Tardis
Time And Relative Dimensions Involving Santa

What a highly entertaining seasonal coup for the BBC with their Christmas special of Doctor Who. A fantastical new spin on a classical tale. Michael Gambon is well cast as an embittered and grumpy old man named Kazran Sardick, very much in the mould of a meam spirited Scrooge. He holds ultimate power over a planet as the only person able to control the atmospheric conditions, by means of a super charged machine. 

The Doctor enters Kazran's life in order to save the life of his travel companions Amy Pond and her new husband Rory. The two of them are having their honeymoon upon an intergalactic space ship, which encounters serious problems upon its trajectory approach to the planet. It becomes drawn into the pull of the planets mysterious cloud cover. A dense layer of curious origin, and the pooling ground for Fish !. It's down to the doctor to reason with Kazran to alter the frequency of the planets machine to allow safe passage for the space craft, in order to enable a safe landing. To do this the timelord has to play the literary ghosts of Christmas past, present and future to show Kazran who he was, and what he has become.

Clasical Welsh songstress Katherine Jenkins makes an enchanting acting debut as a beautiful young woman who is kept in frozen animation, set free for one day each year on Christmas Eve. She is pivitol to The Doctor's plight in order to save his companions and also the redemption of Kazran Sardick. Awakened from her sub zero slumber her warmth and compassion melts hearts, and her vocal range strikes a harmonious chord with the planetary fish.

Matt Smith has stepped into the impressive shoes of previous Doctor incarnation David Tennant with immediate aplomb. He is a breath of fresh air and a rejuvinating representation to audiences both young and old. His infectious characterisation is curiously reminiscent of H.G.Wells, quirkily apt in the circumstances with the connecting link of a time machine. The combination of Matt Smith with Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is quite brilliant, and series writer Steven Moffat has elevated the show to must see status, where it rightfully deserves to be.

Dr. Who A Christmas Carol is then the perfect winter warmer. Great story, teriffic special effects, engaging performances from all involved, and with a giant shark for which I think you're going to need a bigger television to truly float your viewing boat !. A wonderful High Definition production to dazzle guests with as a show off your system stunner.

A truly wonderful Christmas present to all from the BBC.                 

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