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Mexican Mini Me Monstrosities ...

Curse Of The Doll People

Creepy animated life like dolls are created by a voodoo priest in order to kill !. Midget like hand sculpted manifestations, breathed life into in order to take the lives of four blasphemous usurpers, for their transgression against a Haitian sect. The theft from a temple of an ancient idol, by conceited American archaeologists, invokes a curse upon them and their families !.

Some months after returning home from their explorations the four men dismiss the curse placed upon them out of hand. Just before midnight, at a small family gathering of the lead man of the four responsible for stealing the artefact, the designated time of the curse coming to be is just a couple of minutes away. Tragedy befalls the man prominently responsible for taking the Haitian idol. During a black out, due to a sudden storm, the man seems to stumble atop the home stairwell, falling to his death below. The hour strikes midnight. Was this an unfortunate accident, or indeed the curse coming to be !?.

In relatively quick succession the remaining men and members of their direct families begin to have similar tragic incidents befall them, leading to death as predicted by the Haitian priest. Two prominent doctors, and close friends of the explorers, become embroiled in the situation. Dr. Armando Valdés and his physician wife Karina suspect foul play. Karina has experience, and a personal interest with some knowledge into the voodoo rituals and Haitian cults.

Mysterious packages begin to arrive at the households of the cursed families. Accepted as gifts these hold an innocent looking doll that proves to be anything but !. Under the hypnotic musical notes from an insidious flute playing the purpose made, lifelike dolls, come to life !. Their purpose for being, to kill !.

The appearance, and eerily mesmerising purposefulness of these midget machinations, is still somewhat effective in its invocation of devilment even by today’s cinematic standards. Slowly creeping up upon their intended victims, to puncture their throat or chest cavity to the heart with an extremely slender, yet defined precision needle, is the stuff of nightmares for younger viewers.

Karina, played by the highly attractive Elvira Quintana, who sadly had an all too short time lighting up the big screen with her voluptuous beauty, due to her untimely death at the age of just thirty two, sets about investigating the alarming frequency of the deaths. Her suspicions about the invocation of voodoo rites proves to be correct, much to her own detriment. Her stoic character and inquisitive nature leads her to the door of an oddly misplaced old structure, book ended by relatively standard houses, a place where an indomitable Haitian priest resides, and is harnessing his abilities to exact the curse that has been put into force !.

With the assistance of Armando and a police chief, Karina rallies herself to square up to the seemingly invincible priest. His powers of hypnosis are all incumbent and overwhelm all attempts to overpower him. Assisted in his vengeful caprice by his loyal un-dead servant, a hulking man beast Zombie, with the features of a weathered prune akin to an over indulgent longevity in bath water, the priest is resolute in his purpose !. Effectively played by Quintín Bulnes, the role is superlatively cast for him to over indulge in wonderfully.

A very simplistic tale embellished well in its evocative preamble of greed, culminating in unlawful retribution. The climatic conclusion playing out a classic showdown of good versus evil. Quintín Bulnes’ portrayal of the voodoo priest, along with his animated dolls, and even the plodding Zombie, takes viewing Curse Of The Doll People up a few notches from an otherwise mishmash venture. The best way to enjoy today is perhaps in catching unexpectedly on a late night television channel. Its creaky and creepy charm will then best reveal itself with the room lights off, and a branch tapping on your window from outside, as a wind swept night weathers its way into your perhaps not then so secure domicile !.
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