Wednesday, 5 January 2011

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Welcome one and all to the concept of mixing Blogging and Twittering with my passion for movies and the world of television and entertainment. I have only in the last couple of years become a part of the blogging experience, but the thought of using Twitter is still something that does not really appeal to me.

The pleasure and interaction between our friends and family on a regular basis discussing what we enjoy is however an important and fundamental part of our daily lives. For me a large part of that feel good factor is sharing my knowledge and enjoyment of film and television.

Ever since being a young lad from about the age of five I can recall sitting bug eyed in front of a black and white television set, revelling in the joys of three channels. The antics of Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin, along with the cartoon antics of Scooby Doo, Wacky Races, Top Cat and so many others all thrilled and enthralled. The innocence of a bygone age  that delivered both quality and education far greater than the dumbed down, politically correct ho hum that is majoritively underwhelming in today's age.

The excellence of the old school musicals, and Universal Studios horror movies from the Nineteen Thirties. Right on through to the British horror resurgence from the late Fifties with Hammer Studios and cult television series during the Sixties including the likes of The Prisoner, The Man From Uncle, Star Trek, Land Of The Giants, Time Tunnel.

With the introduction to the middle class masses around the Nineteen Eighties of colour television, and the home movie experience of the video tape machine, I and a multitude of regular folk were in nirvana. It sure smelt like teen spirit to me and with a movie collection amassed since that time of many, many thousands it was a boom time that opened up the way we view in the comfort of our own homes this very day.

This Blog then is my way to frequently share thoughts and views on all aspects of television and movies spanning the whole spectrum and time period since way back when to today. The thrill of seeing a big blockbuster flick at the cinema is as exciting as uncovering a foreign film or an overlooked 'B' movie on DVD.

With the very welcome advent of satellite and the dawning of SKY TV the way in which we view is more vast and diverse than at any other time. With bold new channels such as SKY 1, Sci Fi, Living, TCM and all the other movie channels we truly are living in a wonderful time. How far things have come since waiting with baited breath all those years ago in excited anticipation at the prospect of having an extra two new channels as Channel 4 and then Five appeared on the scene. Well in the case of Channel Five it may well still be that some folk are still waiting to receive. Don't overly fret about that good people, there truly is a whole lot of great programming on all those other channels. Including the brilliance of HD and the ability to see top quality material all through the now highly affordable medium of High Definition Television.

This then with the Movie Twitter Blog will be my way of joyfully jabbering on with great regularity, sometimes briefly discussing TV shows from the previous days scheduling, and other times warbling in delight or disgust at movies new and old, cut and uncut, beautifully letter boxed or hideously panned and scanned !.

I really hope that the site will resonate a familiar chord with similar folk and open up the channels for regular discussion from film and TV show fans both old and young.

This then is my way to Twitter and Blog at the same time. It is my time to boldly go as the legendary Gene Roddenberry prophetically stated. Please do join me on this brave new adventure and feel free to interact and post up thoughts and questions aplenty, as I hope that this site will be a Fun source of entertainment and inter sharing of information for a long time to come.

Now which one of these five controllers turns on the TV ... !? ;) .

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